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Over EUR 10M worth of excavation work tender issued by WasteServ

A tender for rock excavation works to form an engineered Landfill within the existing footprint of WasteServ’s ECOHIVE Complex has been issued.
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WasteServ’s Waste to Energy tendering process attracts bids from 16 different bidders

WasteServ is delighted to note that the prequalification questionnaire for the ECOHIVE Waste to Energy plant has attracted 16 different bidders.
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Wasteserv welcomes the support given by NGOs

Wasteserv welcomes the statement from a number of NGOs noting that a waste to energy plant is a decisive improvement over the predominant past reliance on landfilling.
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Wasteserv commemorates the international day for biodiversity by announcing quick gains in recycling performance

Following the launch of the ECOHIVE concept further environmental improvements announced with the launch of a recycling line.
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Selected sites for unprecedented investment in waste management facilities represent the best possible balance

Away from political narrative, facts show that after consultation, in particular with the farming sector, a decision was taken to drastically decrease the project footprint.
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The Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) For the Design, Build and Operation of Malta’s Waste to Energy Facility is out

Interested Candidates requested to provide information on their Financial & Economic Standing, Experience, and Competence for the completion of this contract that would approach the EUR 390m mark.
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