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Landfill rehabilitation completion in Qortin Gozo
Press Release On 7/10/2015 8:01:07 AM

Landfill rehabilitation completion in Qortin Gozo                                                                                                                   


Minister for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change Leo Brincat visited the rehabilitation site on Thursday, and complemented the WasteServ management on their on-going efforts.


“The rehabilitation of the landfill at Qortin, Gozo together with the ongoing work on the water reservoir is another success for WasteServ and a great achievement for the environment in Gozo.” This was announced by Minister for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change Leo Brincat during a visit to the rehabilitation site in Qortin Gozo together with the Minister for Gozo Anton Refalo and WasteServ management.


Speaking on site Minister Brincat said that, “this is a process which had been planned since the time of the old waste management strategy fourteen years ago. In fact this site has been used as a landfill for over 40 years between 1968 – 2004. The closure of the landfill 11 years ago was just the first step in a chain of events which are reaching their peak today after several years. “


“Considering the amount of domestic and commercial waste that was thrown in this landfill, together with the accumulation of industrial, construction and hazardous waste, we get a clear indication of how the environment today is being safeguarded,” said the Minister.


Minister Brincat added that, had there been no willingness, commitment and determination from the management of WasteServ to address this environmental scar, it would have dragged on for much longer. This project is being financed with the support of European funds.  


“We are not talking about a small plot of land but around five hectares of land which in the past received half a million tonnes of waste," explained Minister Brincat.


Minister Leo Brincat added, “Our duty is to look forward to everything pledged in the national plan on waste management and to complete the works in the most efficient way and the shortest time possible.”


The Minister for Gozo, Anton Refalo spoke about the potential of WasteServ in Gozo. He said that the Tal-Kus project in Xewkija and Tal-Qortin in Xaghra are important projects which will have a positive impact on the island of Gozo. These are projects based on the principle of an ecological island. Minister Refalo encouraged better cooperation between WasteServ and the local Councils.


Minister Refalo said that, “Adjacent to the rehabilitated landfill there is the existing temporary Gozo Waste Transfer Station currently being used as the Recyclables Sorting Area in Qortin.  In the near future, these operations will be transferred to the new Gozo Waste Treatment and Transfer Facility also being developed by WasteServ in Tal-Kus limits of Xewkija.  Additional works are currently underway, within this area for the construction of a rainwater reservoir.  


Minister Anton Refalo spoke about the need to promote the protection of the environment as an attraction to bring more people to Gozo, while at the same time role out an educational campaign to enhance waste management in Gozo. The Minister expressed the full cooperation of the Gozo Ministry in projects and initiatives related to sustainable development in Gozo.       


WasteServ’s Chairman David Borg said that, “The dilapidated Qortin landfill is now completely transformed and regenerated. Rehabilitation and restoration of the site was achieved by the installation of an engineered capping, by planting indigenous Maltese species and by on-going maintenance and irrigation. WasteServ embarked on this project to improve control of gas emissions and reduce leachate production which raised concerns over the potential negative impact on human health and the environment.”


This project which is co-financed by the cohesion fund 2007-2013 marks the final stage of the rehabilitation of closed Maltese landfills, namely the Magħtab and Marsascala landfills in Malta, and the Qortin landfill in Gozo.


“The purpose of the reservoir is to render the Qortin landfill more self-sufficient by collecting rainwater falling onto the rehabilitated landfill and reusing it to irrigate the landscaping within the site. This reservoir is 6m deep which, once operational, will have a capacity of approximately 4,000 cubic metres.  As WasteServ, we are proud to be driving forward the Solid Waste Management Strategy together with the Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change (MSDEC). These projects all contribute to a cleaner and better Malta,” concluded WasteServ’s CEO Tonio Montebello during a press conference on the progress of this project.



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