MEP Dr Alfred Sant pays a courtesy visit to Magħtab Environmental Complex - Wasteserv Malta Limited
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MEP Dr Alfred Sant pays a courtesy visit to Magħtab Environmental Complex
Press Release On 1/11/2018 7:43:44 AM

MEP Dr Alfred Sant pays a courtesy visit to Magħtab Environmental Complex


Wasteserv invited MEP Dr Alfred Sant to a visit of the Magħtab Environmental Complex which encompasses the rehabilitated Magħtab landfill, the Żwejra and Għallis operating landfills and the Malta North facility.


Chairman David Borg and CEO Tonio Montebello led Dr Sant to the operating Għallis Engineered landfill which is filling up at a fast pace given the high current levels of waste generated. Dr Sant remarked that Malta is one of the few EU countries which is still highly dependent on landfilling as a waste disposal option.

Wasteserv’s Chairman gave an overview of the milestones achieved by the company over the past four years to address this situation, which included substantial investment in infrastructure, various educational drives and the implementation of the organic bag pilot project across 23 localities.  The Malta North Facility, Wasteserv’s latest addition to its infrastructure, enables the company to intensify its drive to divert waste from being landfilled, particularly biodegradable waste in line with the EU directives.


CEO Montebello pointed out that at the same time this process enhances the recovery of dry recyclable materials contributing to Malta’s ongoing efforts towards achieving the EU recycling targets. During the visit it was acknowledged that it is crucial for the country to invest in a waste to energy facility as part of its plans for a more holistic waste management infrastructure given Malta’s particular characteristics.   The nation’s insularity brings about logistical complications and exorbitant costs to export waste.  Moreover due to the country’s size land is a precious limited resource with a high opportunity cost that would go to waste if more space had to be dedicated to landfill which would also result in extending closer to residential areas.


Dr Sant commended the Government’s commitment to implement initiatives through the Ministry for the Environmental, Sustainable Development and Climate Change which would boost Malta’s performance in the waste management sector.  Wasteserv agreed that the nationalisation of the organic bag collection later on this year accompanied by more enforcement will serve to encourage better and more sustainable waste management practices in line with EU obligations.