Wasteserv Malta - Batteries

Batteries & the environment 

A battery powers equipment by converting its chemical energy into electrical energy. When batteries are improperly disposed of they can contaminate the environment as the chemicals drain out. These chemicals can leech into our natural resources, such as water or soil, putting people’s health at risk. Car batteries in particular contain a substantial amount of chemicals and metals, in some cases almost 20 pounds of lead and 16 ounces of sulfuric acid.

The recycling of batteries worldwide contributes to recover thousands of tonnes of metals including valuable metals like nickel, cobalt and silver. This reduces the need to mine new materials, cutting CO2 emissions and saving resources.

A wide variety of batteries can be collected.

A wide variety of batteries are collected by WasteServ from local councils,
schools, supermarkets and ironmongers among others.


Disposing of your batteries

Battery bins for small batteries are found in various outlets on our islands, such as supermarkets, ironmongers and other shops, while almost all schools and local councils in Malta & Gozo also keep a battery bin within their premises. WasteServ collects these batteries and sorts them into their different types, since each type is recycled differently. Batteries collected are then exported for treatment and recycling.

To find the closest store to your home which collects used batteries, call us on Freephone 8007 2200.

Car batteries can be safely disposed of at any of our Civic Amenity Sites in Malta & Gozo. Some local councils also offer a free collection service for car batteries as part of the bulky refuse service. Contact your local council to see if the service is available in your locality.


Are you interested in making a difference and contributing to the protection of our environment? Then place a battery bin at your shop or place of work, and Wasteserv will empty the container for free whenever it’s full! Contact us for more info! To find the closest store to your home which collects used batteries, click here or call us on Freephone 8007 2200.