Bring In Sites
Bring In Sites

Bring-In sites were introduced to Malta by Wasteserv in 2002 to enable the public to deposit clean, source-segregated recyclable materials. This was one of the first steps taken towards more sustainable waste management in Malta.

Bring-in Sites consist of four containers:
- blue for plastic
- white for paper
- brown for glass
- black for metal

One of the Bring-In Sites


Around 400 Bring-In sites were purchased back in 2002 thanks to European Structural Funding. Although Bring-In sites were initially managed by Wasteserv, the company eventually handed over the responsibility of waste collection and maintenance to Local Councils. Local Councils must now enrol with a private scheme to continue giving the service to their residents.

For details of your nearest Bring In Site, please contact your local council.


Watch these two videos to learn more about what recyclable materials can be placed in Bring-In Site bins (in Maltese):