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Construction Waste - Refer to the below table for the type of waste that is accepted in the Construction Waste Container at our Civic Amenity Sites. Access will be restricted to those not following these instructions:






Civic Amenity Sites are facilities where the public can bring and discard various types of bulky household waste, domestic hazardous waste as well as recyclable materials.

Unlike Bring-In Sites, where only paper, plastic, metal and glass can be delivered, Civic Amenity Sites also cater for the disposal of:

- Furniture, mattresses, carpets and clothing
- White goods such as fridges, cookers and microwaves
- Electronics such as computers, monitors, mobile phones, printers, electronic toys and tools
- Garden waste
- Edible oil and lubricant oils
- Batteries, spent bulbs and neon tubes
- Expired medicines and used syringes
- Solvents, chemicals, paint and other hazardous waste
- Small quantities of household construction waste such as stone and tiles
- Tyres


The waste collected at these sites is either exported overseas for treatment, treated locally, or recycled. In fact, the purpose of these centres is to optimise the collection of certain types of waste and increase the recovery of secondary materials.


For more information please contact our Customer Care Centre on Freephone 8007 2200.



Locations & Opening Hours

There are 6 operational Civic Amenity Sites which are situated at ImrieħelĦal Far, Ħal Luqa, MagħtabTal-Kus, Xewkija Gozo and Ta’ Qali . 

Civic Amenity sites are open from Monday to Sunday (including Public Holidays) between 7.30am and 5.30pm. 



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Last Updated: 02/06/2020