Collect and WIn
Collect and Win

Recycle your plastic bottles and spent light bulbs at the Civic Amenity Sites and every three months you can be in the chance of winning fantastic prizes:

1st Prize

€500 voucher from JB Stores


2nd Prize

€200 voucher from Flamingo


3rd Prize

€100 voucher from VJ Salomone Marketing


4th Prize

€75 voucher from Tescoma 


5th Prize

4 Tickets (2 adults & 2 children) from the Malta Aquarium

Get 1 ticket for every 10 beverage bottles, 1 ticket for every detergent bottle and 5 tickets for each light bulb!





The next draw is being held on  12th August 2020 at noon at the Sant'Antnin Family Park Visitor Centre. Winners will be contacted on the same day and then announced on the media.


How To Take Part

All it takes is 3 simple steps:
1)   Collect your empty plastic bottles and spent light bulbs.
2)   Take them to the nearest Civic Amenity Site where our staff will assist you.
3)   Fill out your contact details on each ticket & drop the tickets in the Ticket Box*.


*Tickets must be deposited at least one day prior to the draw. Tickets not deposited in time will automatically enter into the next draw. For full terms and conditions please click here                   

The last lottery draw was held on the 13th May 2020 and the winners were:


1st Prize – Ticket Number 770714

2nd Prize – Ticket Number 773615

3rd Prize – Ticket Number 756594

4th Prize – Ticket Number 761718

5th Prize - Ticket Number 823475



Are all types of light bulbs accepted for the lottery?
Yes, all types of spent light bulbs are accepted, such as LEDs, CFLs, neon tubes and so on. A maximum of 10 light bulbs will be accepted per visit.

Are all sizes of bottles accepted for the lottery?
Yes, all sizes of bottles are accepted for the lottery as long as they are plastic beverage bottles.

Are detergent bottles accepted for the lottery?
Yes, detergent bottles have now been included in the Collect & Win lottery. For each detergent bottle you will be given 1 ticket

Do bottles need to be complete with caps?
No, caps are not necessarily required. 

Do plastic bottles need to be squashed?
Yes, ideally plastic bottles should be squashed in order to save space, since they are then compacted into bales and sent for recycling.
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