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Construction Waste



What is Construction Waste?

Construction waste is waste generated from the building and construction industry and includes material like bricks, concrete, tiles, debris, ceramics and more. Generally, this material is non-hazardous and does not undergo any significant physical, biological or chemical transformations.


Wasteserv does not accept such waste from the commercial sector.  This has to be disposed of, in one of the quarries around Malta authorised by The Environment and Resources Authority (ERA). Press here for the full list of authorised quarries.




After the quarries have been filled with the inert waste, a layer of soil is put on top making the area suitable for agricultural purposes.



The benefits of this practice

The disposal of uncontaminated construction material in unused quarries has proven to be pro-environment in many ways.


Since many of these quarries have their lower levels very close to the water table, by filling them up with similar material to that originally extracted the risk of contamination of the water table through other uses is reduced.

This practice is also beneficial because by rehabilitating unused quarries one is also reducing the visual pollution created by this abandoned activity as well as contributing to the sustainable land-use of our country.


Alternatively, construction and demolition waste originating from households and in small quantities may be disposed of in one of our Civic Amenity sites free of charge.


Last Updated: 02/06/2020