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The importance of improving waste separation and collection practices

Glass collections are administered by two private schemes that have the responsibility to collect source segregated glass. It is important to note that WasteServ has alerted these schemes that it will not accept glass mixed with other materials such as plastic containers, cardboard boxes and other random waste items.

The recyclability of glass mixed with other materials is severely limited and this impinges on the aim of the entire scheme and nullifies the efforts done by households to separate waste.

To prepare for these improvements, as part of the Sort it Out campaign, WasteServ has already distributed stackable bins to every household to aid in waste separation practices. We strongly urge households to make use of these bins.

As the country continues to leap to a better environmental performance, behavioural changes are required across the board and WasteServ will persist with its determination to stimulate a move towards a more circular economy where waste is seen a resource.

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