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Learn more about waste separation, have your questions answered and take the opportunity to dispose of your recyclable waste, as well as hazardous waste, without having to go to a Civic Amenity Site.   

WasteServ’s Roadshow Trucks are visiting all localities to make it easier for you to dispose of your waste with care and attention, protecting you and the environment in the process.   

Items we collect: 


Cooking Oil

Light bulbs & Neon tubes





Paper and cardboard


This initiative also helps to reduce the contamination of recyclable waste, since the Roadshow Trucks have separate compartments for each of the waste streams. The exact dates and locations of the truck visits can be confirmed through your Local Council.      

This initiative forms part of the Sort It Out campaign and is part-financed by the European Union under the Cohesion Fund.   

Collection of Stackable Bins

Should you wish to register for the collection of stackable bins from the Roadshow Trucks, please click here.

This Week's Schedule

If WasteServ’s Roadshow Truck is not coming to your locality this week, we invite you to select your locality to find out when it is going to be near you:    

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