WasteServ Malta - Environment, Health and Safety
Environment, Health and Safety


We are committed to achieving high standards of environmental, health and safety practices.



At Wasteserv, we recognise that health and safety at the workplace is essential for our employees, contractors, clients, and anyone who can be affected by our work. A good working environment is important not only to the individual employee but also to successful goal achievement.


Risk Management
Our workplaces and our employees are monitored through the identification and evaluation of relevant health and safety risks, and actions implemented.

We operate a system that ensures continuous improvement through risk management tools. Organisation and management systems have been designed to ensure effective work processes and facilitate personnel development and well-being.


How can you help?
The general public plays an important role in assisting with the health and safety of our employees; you can help by following these simple guidelines:

Dispose of waste responsibly
If you are unsure about the proper disposal of waste, do not stop there! Contact us, we are here to help.
Wrap broken glass and sharp objects in paper or bags
Use a dedicated disposal service for discarding syringes and other clinical waste.
For any queries regarding health and safety please e-mail us on hs.ws@Wasteservmalta.com.