Wasteserv Malta - eQuotations Online Help
eQuotations Online Help

The WasteServ eQuotation system was designed as a portal for suppliers to upload quotations for Supplies, Services or Works up to a maximum value of €2,500 exclusive of VAT. 

Registration of New Supplier
To be able to submit quotations, the supplier will need to first create his account, by following these steps:
1) Click on the image 'Quotations' in the top menu.
2) Click on 'Click here to Register', to enter the registration page.
3) Enter the Personal Details listed in the form, and to select what trade types your organisation focuses on, click on the button 'Select Trades', to have a list displayed.
4) Select any number of Trades that your organisation falls there under, so the system will identify automatically your organisation to any request for quotations that fall within that trade type.
5) Once you have entered all the required details, enter the code from the image, select the 'I Confirm all the above' and click on 'Register'.
6) Your registration should now be submitted, but if any issues where encountered during the registration process, you should receive a related message.
7) Once your registration is successfuly, submitted, you will recieve an email containing the final instructions on activating your account.
8) Once active, you can begin submitting quotes. 

Uploading a Quotaton
To be able to upload your interest to listed quotation, please follow these steps.
1) Click on the image 'Quotations' in the top menu.
2) Sign-in to your account. If you haven't registered, please use the help topic above to guide you through the registration process.
3) Select a quote from the list provided by clicking on the quotation reference number.
4) Once selected you will have the request for quote details displayed on screen. It will also show the specific products required for the quote.
5) If you are sure you wish to upload a quotation, click on the 'proceed' button.
6) In the next page, you will be asked to enter the price excluding/including for at least 1 product within the list.
7) Once you entered the related prices, you will need to upload an official quotation that can be either a PDF, DOC, XLS or if you have multiple files, you may submit a compressed ZIP file.
8) If you are comfortable with the details you provided, you may submit your quotation and if any problems were encountered during the submition process, youw ill be informed on screen, as well as through a confirmation email.

It is good to remember that within your account, you can see a history of what quotations you uploaded. 

FAQ (The FAQ is still being compiled, as more suppliers begin to use the eQuotation System.
I only Restricted to Quotations that fall within my selected Trade Options?
No, you can upload your interest to any active quotation and are not restricted to your trade types.

Do I need to register to upload quotations?
Yes you have to register to upload quotations through the eQuotation system. The only alternative is to contact the procurement department direcrly.

Can I submit my interest in a quote without an attachment?
No. The system was designed to enforce suppliers to submit an official quote with any further details pertaining to the products in question.