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Euro Week for Waste Reducation





Join the rest of Europe and come up with actions to reduce, reuse and recycle the waste we produce!


Given its huge success, the European Week for Waste Reduction was back once again for the 11th consecutive year between the 16th and 24th November 2019. Each one of us can make a difference for the benefit of the environment by participating in this event. To keep updated about latest EWWR news like & follow us on our Facebook page


We can help you come up with an action!


Visit the EWWR website for inspiring event ideas and examples of how different entities can participate.

For more information please contact us on ewwr.ws@wasteservmalta.com. You can also stay updated with news about the EWWR and Awards by following us on Facebook.



What is the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR)?


The EWWR is an annual initiative which brings together thousands of awareness-raising actions about sustainable waste management from across Europe. 

The aim is to encourage a wide range of audiences to come up with practical solutions and activities that help to reduce waste or increase recycling, and promote these actions amongst others. This makes the EWWR an ideal opportunity for all private, public and non-profit entities to make a difference for the environment.   


Theme for 2019: Change your ways, reduce your waste! 

The theme for 2019 was centred around waste education and communication for behavioural change. Never have people been more aware of the waste problem the Earth is facing however many tend to feel that this is something which is unrelated to them. 2019 was about needing to change your ways, reduce your waste and show everyone that they can have a positive impact on the world around them if they change their behaviour too!


For ideas and examples of Reuse & Repair waste actions, visit the official EWWR website by clicking here.


How can I contribute?

Everyone can contribute by making a special effort during this week to reduce the amount of waste thrown away - be it food, disposables, packaging waste, bulky waste, and so on. 

What's more, you can also become the organiser of an official EWWR event. Just get creative, join your forces and apply! Participation is open to:

- private companies
- public entities
- associations & NGOs
- schools
- individual citizens 


Kindly click here for the rules of particpation 2019.




How do organisers benefit?

Recognition and Promotion

Participation in the EWWR is an excellent opportunity to promote the environmental efforts undertaken by your company / entity in the local media. Apart from providing such PR opportunities, participation in the EWWR also entitles participants to public recognition on a national scale through Wasteserv, while recognition will also be given by the Minister for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change.

Local Awards

EWWR participants also benefit from the chance to win some fantastic prizes thanks to the local Waste Reduction Awards, organised by Wasteserv to recognise the best initiatives held during the EWWR.


Winners for the European Week for Waste Reduction 2018 



European Waste Reduction Awards

Participants will also have the chance to represent Malta as nominees for the European Waste Reduction Awards. These prestigious annual awards bring together the best participants from all over Europe. The selected finalists are recognised at European level through the official website www.ewwr.eu and an international award ceremony.