Expired Medicine Collection - Pharmacies
Expired Medicine Collection - Pharmacies




Facilitating proper disposal of unwanted medicines


As from 1st October 2019, expired or unwanted medicines started being deposited in specialised disposing bins located in pharmacies across Malta and Gozo. This is another initiative under the umbrella of the nationwide Sort It Out campaign highlighting how the correct disposal of dated or redundant medicine is the next step forward for a better and safer environment.


Medical waste is generated when the medicinal item expires or is no longer needed by the consumer. This type of waste can be dangerous, not only for the persons who handle this waste but also for the environment and therefore this type of waste should be diverted from landfills.


90% of Malta’s pharmacies have already registered; thus depositing medicinal waste at local pharmacies is a convenient solution which aims to encourage people to do the right thing. It is an effort that benefits everyone and goes a long way to making the waste management process easier, more efficient and less detrimental to the environment. For the list of participating pharmacies kindly click here.


Common items that should be disposed of in the medicinal waste bins located in pharmacies include loose or packaged tablets and capsules, bottled medicines, inhalers and medicinal cream tubes.



With regards to items such as exterior packaging and information leaflets which are often included with medicines, Wasteserv is advising that at home cardboard packaging, information leaflets and any plastic caps, cups or spoons need to be placed into the grey or green recycling bag. Plastic inhaler casings are to be separated from the canister and recycled, while empty glass medicine bottles should be disposed of with glass waste.


On the other hand, empty tablets and capsules packaging, and cosmetic items should go in the black bag. Biohazardous items such as syringes and EpiPen need to be disposed of in a special sharps container and taken to a Civic Amenity site.  



Pharmacies can click here to request a collection.


Pharmacies can sign up for this scheme by sending an email on medicinewaste.ws@wasteservmalta.com.


The newly launched Unwanted Medicine Waste Scheme forms part of the EU funded project – ‘Encouraging sustainable waste practices in households and beyond’.