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Rehabilitated Landfills

Rehabiltation of landfills

After joining the EU, Malta embarked on a project to rehabilitate namely the old dumps of Magħtab, Marsascala and Qortin landfill on Gozo.


Project Objectives

The permanent closure of all the three Landfill sites through capping and the subsequent restoration of the sites.


Project Purpose

The rehabilitation of the landfill sites will have the following socio-economic objectives:

• reduction in visual disamenity associated with the three sites

• the improvement in the control of aerial emissions of landfill gases (methane) and combustion gases by the aerial emissions control system at Magħtab and Qortin;

• a reduction in the leachate volume produced and consequent impacts on nearby groundwater quality at Magħtab (and to a lesser extent at Qortin);

• allowing the landfills for beneficial use following the interventions.


Rehabilitation of Maghtab landfill


Rehabilitation of the Closed landfills within the complex

With the closure of the uncontrolled Maghtab dumpsite in 2004, the land could start to be rehabilitated. The ‘Aerial Emissions Project’ was one of the first steps and included the installation of a Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser to treat harmful gases. Through this project, 99% of gases from the disused Maghtab dumpsite are being extracted and treated prior to safe emission into the atmosphere.

Following the Aerial Emissions Project, our rehabilitation efforts then moved to structural works on the dumpsite as well as a general greening of the area. With an area of 280,000 square metres and an investment value of 15,600,000 euros, this project represents a major investment by Wasteserv.


The project was split into two parts - Phase I, comprising a pilot project of a representative area of the site, and Phase II which comprises the remainder of the site. The rehabilitation process includes the following works:


  • Formation and capping of slopes Formation of benches (passages)
  • Construction of almost 4km of rubble walls
  • Construction of over 230 planting cells
  • Planting of trees and finishing of slopes with vegetation, including indigenous Maltese plants
  • Construction of a large water reservoir and water culvert
  • Formation of silt ponds and reed beds for the collection and polishing of rain water

The project was co-financed through EU funds (Cohesion Fund 2007-2013).


At Magħtab, the area being rehabilitated is as large as 50 football grounds. The first phase was landscaping.

The works include the formation and capping of slopes, building of roads, 11 kilometres of rubble walls, tree planting, a water reservoir of 12,000-cubic metre capacity, and the formation of three new reed beds.


Rehabilitation of Qortin landfill

Five hectares of land which in the past received half a million tonnes of waste.


In 2004, the landfill in Qortin, Gozo was closed following 33 years of operation. Following closure, the dilapidated Qortin landfill has been transformed and regenerated following a development permit issued by MEPA in 2011 under PA 219/09. Rehabilitation and restoration of the site was achieved through the installation of an engineered capping, the control of gas emissions, the planting of indigenous landscape species and through the ongoing maintenance and irrigation. WasteServ embarked on this project to improve control of gas emissions and reduce leachate production which raised concerns over the potential negative impact on human health and the environment.

A final landform was achieved, encompassing all the existing waste and involving the removal of waste from within approximately 6 - 8m of the cliff edge, the slackening of side slopes and the limitation of the final height of the waste mound to ensure stability and provide a visually acceptable landform capable of sustaining restoration capping and planting.  No waste materials were transported off-site for disposal elsewhere.

The rehabilitation project has been part-financed by the European Union - Cohesion Fund. Cost: €3,399,069.39


Number of trees planted:

  • 17,721 small trees and shrubs
  • 4,160 trees
  • 1,000 reeds
  • This adds up to a total of 22,881 pieces of planting material.

Constructed rubble walls:

Approximately 488 linear metres of rubble wall.


Following the successful completion of rehabilitation works at Qortin, a design proposal has been prepared with the objective of opening up the Qortin rehabilitated landfill to the public. Upgrading works include works which render the site safe and secure to the general public and accessible to all.  A planning application for the necessary upgrading works has been submitted. Works are planned to commence later in 2020 soon after the planning permit is issued by the Planning Authority.


Rehabilitation of Marsacala landfill


The rehabilitation of the closed landfill in Marsascala, used as a dumpsite in the 1970s, is one of the projects part financed by EU Funding for the rehabilitation of closed landfills in Malta & Gozo.
The Sant'Antnin Family Park is intended as a leisure area for both local and foreign visitors. The project is spread over 80 tumoli of land. In addition to the recreational park, works have also included the restoration of St. Anthony’s Chapel and the construction of a visitor centre, which serves as an education centre on waste management.




You can download the map from here Sant'Antnin Family Park Map.pdf.


The park includes the following facilities:        

  • A picnic area
  • A multilevel leisure area
  • Two mazes – one tailored for children
  • Children's play areas
  • Play equipment accessible also for disabled children
  • Outdoor gym equipment
  • Rock climbing area*
  • Dog park
  • Olive garden
  • Football pitch
  • Relaxation area    



  •  Amphitheatre with a seating capacity of 450 people
  • Equestrian area (including stables)
  • Agro Tourism Centre on the style of a traditional farm
  • Free car park for coaches
  • Free car park for visitors within the existing quarry
  • Free Wifi access covering a large area of the park

* Pre-booking required for rock-climbing



The Visitor Centre includes:

  • A theatre for informative presentations
  • Walk through from the Visitor Centre through the Sant’ Antnin Waste Treatment Plant
  • Information on waste management
  • Information & explanation related to how the park was previously a dumpsite

As part of this project, which represents an investment of circa € 7 million, the watercourse in the Northern part of the park was restored to address flooding problems. The capacity of the watercourse is of over 4,200 cubic metres per hour at any one time. Furthermore, the project includes two reservoirs with a total capacity of 1,692 cubic metres, to be utilised for irrigation purposes. The project includes approximately 3,500 trees and 25,000 shrubs.

The park was inaugurated in February 2013 and is open daily to the public. 











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