WasteServ Malta - Freedom of Information
Freedom of Information


Wasteserv is committed to ensuring compliance with its obligations under Act XVI of 2008 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). This section provides information on how information under the FOIA may be requested by the general public.


The Freedom of Information Act aims to establish a right to information held by public authorities in order to promote added transparency and accountability in government.

Wasteserv's Organisation and Responsibilities page provides information about the structure of the Company including a basic organigram and a short description about each department and responsibilities.

The Documents Held page provides an overview of the types of documents held by each Department within the Company.

All forms related to the FOIA may be downloaded by clicking here.

For further assistance on issues related to the FOIA please contact our Freedom of Information Office on 2385 8000 or via e-mail on foi-ps.msdec@gov.mt