WasteServ Malta - Freedom of Information
Freedom of Information - Organisation

Organisation and Responsibilities









This department is responsible for the following:


Human Resources - responsible for all issues related to human resources including recruitment, daily attendances, leave records and training of employees.


Health and Safety – responsible to oversee all matters relevant to the health and safety of personnel employed by the Company.

Estate and Administration - responsible for estates management, Company inventory and file movement registry.

Finance - responsible for the book keeping and financial reporting of the Company.

Information Technology - responsible for management and support of the technology architecture, hardware, software, and the respective resources throughout the Company.


Data - responsible for co-ordinating data collection related to waste processing within the Company’s facilities, data analysis and report generation. This office also plays an important role in the Company’s waste acceptance procedures.



The Operations department is responsible for the operation of all the company’s facilities in Malta and Gozo. This includes the day to day running of facilities[HPC1]  focusing primarily on the implementation of the relevant procurement procedures, maintenance and monitoring of operations (including environmental monitoring). The department is also responsible for the sale of recyclable materials received at the Company’s facilities. The Operations department also oversees and co-ordinates the Company’s Quality and Environmental Management systems.




This department is responsible for the development and monitoring of all the Company’s projects whether locally or EU funded. Crucial tasks conducted by this department include drafting of project tenders, evaluation of submissions, contract monitoring and project management up to final conclusion and hand over to the relevant Company department.


Compliance and Public Relations


This department is responsible for the following:


Compliance -  responsible for ensuring the Company’s compliance with applicable local and EU legal instruments and permits governing the operation of the facilities operated by the Company.


Legal Office - responsible for providing the Company with general legal advice, the drafting of contracts and agreements, litigation and expropriation procedures. The legal office is also responsible for issues related to Freedom of Information.


Public Relations & Communications - responsible to communicate in an effective manner the Company’s policies on sustainable waste management and information about the operation of the Company’s facilities.


Customer Care - responsible for all customer care related issues including answering of calls received through the Company’s Freephone and queries received through the Company’s general email address.


Research - responsible for spearheading the Company’s research initiatives.