WasteServ Malta - Ghallis Engineered Landfill
Ghallis Engineered Landfill

In the past, waste disposal in Malta consisted basically of just dumping all the waste at a site. No recycling took place, the waste going to the site was not sorted and as a result several dumpsites were created, most notably that at Magħtab. 

Ideally, landfilling should be used only as a last resort, but when it must be then the new 'Engineered landfill' processes are far better. The area to be used as a landfill is lined with different layers, including geo-synthetic and geo-textile membranes. This prevents leachate from the waste infiltrating the surrounding soil and water table. Also, the gases produced, such as Methane, can be extracted and processed to produce energy and reduce emissions.


Ghallis Engineered landfill being prepared for Use


Following the introduction of the first temporary landfill of Ta' Zwejra, Ghallis was approved as the site for the development of a long-term engineered landfill. The permit covered the development of the following facilities:

• A controlled landfill for non-hazardous, non-inert waste;
• Leachate and gas management systems;
• Administration and Site Management Buildings;


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