Wasteserv Malta - Good Neighbourhood Scheme
Good Neighbourhood Scheme

In the interest of combining the promotion of the use of renewable energy and good neighbourhood relations, Government launched the ‘Good Neighbourhood’ scheme through which an amount of green electricity will be credited each year to all households that lie within a circle of radius of 1.5 kilometres of the Sant’Antnin plant, thus comprising parts of Marsascala, Zabbar and Zejtun. 
Each eligible residential household will receive a cheque to be redeemed to settle part of their electricity bill and/or to credit the respective ARMS account. The benefit, which has been established as 150 units per person registered at the address, is limited to permanent private residences.

If you have a query please contact our Customer Care Centre on Freephone 8007 2200 or email customercare.ws@wasteservmalta.com
The renewable energy produced at the Sant’Antnin Plant is generated through the treatment of organic waste, whereby the waste undergoes a fermentation process in closed vessels. This results in the production of Biogas which is used to generate energy, in the form of both heat and electricity.