WasteServ Malta - Gozo Transfer Station and Materials Recovery Facility
Gozo Transfer Station &Materials Recovery Facility

Pre-Treatment for Dry Recyclables & Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

Wasteserv’s Material Recovery Facility (MRF) and Transfer Station in Tal-Kus, Gozo, offers the necessary pre-treatment for dry recyclables collected mainly at bring-in-sites and through the domestic recycling bag.


What is the aim of the MRF and Transfer Station in Tal-Kus?

The MRF & Transfer Station bridges the gap between Malta and Gozo, so that the Maltese Islands can have an effective waste management system on both islands, and thus reducing the need for transportation to Malta. Once compacted, MSW is taken to the MBT in the North of Malta and the organic  waste from the organic bag collection is taken to the AD at Sant’Antnin Waste Treatment Plant .


The operations carried out at this facility give rise to the following key results:

  • Landfill volume saved on an annual basis: approximately 15,100m3.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions annually: 875.25kg. This is due to an estimated reduction of 19,450km of truck transport.


What happens at the Materials Recovery Facility?

Pre-treatment is the key aim at the Materials Recovery Facility. All dry waste is sorted, compacted and baled. This waste is sorted into various fractions, namely different types of plastics, paper, cardboard, and metals. They are sorted through a semi-automated mechanical process.


What happens at the Transfer Station?

The Transfer Station in Gozo temporarily holds Municipal Solid Waste and Organic waste, which are then efficiently compacted into hermetically sealed containers and transported to Malta. The vehicles used to transfer this waste are optimised for greater capacity, and thus have improved the efficiency, reduced the operating costs associated with this operation, and will also reduce gas emissions. The Transfer Station was created to complement present waste management infrastructure and contribute in creating good quality resources from waste.


The MRF and Transfer station is strategically located adjacent to the Civic Amenity Site at Tal-Kus. This project represents an investment value of roughly €10 million which was co-financed through EU (Cohesion Fund 2007 - 2013).


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