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The collection of both organic waste and mixed waste from homes is the responsibility of the local council concerned. Once the waste has been collected it is taken to the Magħtab Environmental Complex for processing, treatment and disposal. Waste from localities in Gozo is compacted in containers and transferred to Malta.


The collection of recyclable material from homes is also organised by local councils and is brought to the Magħtab Environmental complex where it is sorted, prepared for export and then sold for recycling.


To find out more about what happens to your waste please visit the Magħtab Environmental Complex page. Recyclables from Gozo are sorted and baled at Tal-Kus and exported by third parties directly from there.


When is my waste collected?

Refer to the hereunder schedule and the hereunder links or contact your respective local council.


Waste Collection Schedule - Malta


Waste Collection Schedule - Gozo




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Last Updated: 02/06/2020