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Introduction of an Organic Waste Collection

In order to assist in improving waste management across the Maltese Islands, Wasteserv is introducing the organic waste collection. The objectives behind this project include reducing the size of the black bag by 50%, make better use of landfill availability, reduce bio waste landfilling, and avoiding Green House Gas emissions to then increase Renewable Energy generation from Bio Waste. 


The organic waste pilot project is underway to test the collaboration with residents from a selection of localities. In saying so, the project is divided in three phases, Phase 1 commenced October 2015, Phase 2 commenced in January 2016 and Phase 3 commenced in September 2016.


Phase 1 localities:



Ta' Xbiex


Hal Ghaxaq


Phase 2 localities:

Hal Kirkop





Phase 3 localities:

Gozo region


How is your waste disposal routine changing during the organic pilot project?

If your locality has been chosen to take part in the initiative you will need to separate the following waste:


  1. 1) Food Waste – Cooked & Raw, Fish & Shellfish, Bread & Pasta, Tea bags & grinded coffee.  

2) Food Preparation Waste – Fruit & Vegetable peels, Egg shells, 
3) Paper/Napkins/Newspapers contaminated with Food Waste
4) Leaves & Flowers 



Where can you dispose of this organic waste?

FREE home kits where delivered to all localities involved in the pilot project; the kit will include a ventilated bin and an organic bag that is to be used only for the organic waste! 


When will your waste be collected?

The organic waste collection for phase 1 localities commenced on Friday 30th October 2015, phase 2 localities on the 29th January 2016, and phase 3 localities on the 30th of September. 


The organic bag will be collected on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For phase 2 localities, it is important that you start separating your organic waste a few days before the collection date. If you run out of the compostable plastic bags, use any other white transparent bag for organic waste disposal


The organic waste collected and taken to Sant Antnin will undergo waste characterisation to monitor if the citizens are making use of the organic bag appropriately



NB: Schedule for all localities in Gozo to be added soon.


Need more information?

Wasteserv is putting in all efforts in ensuring that all citizens involved have a full understanding of the introduction of an organic waste collection. Door to Door visits have taken place across all localities included in all phases of the pilot project. If you were not home for the visit, you may contact Wasteserv to arrange an appointment for a representative to come to your household.


Information sessions are being held within each locality to further give the opportunity for residentsto gather as much information possible to follow through with the project effectively.


Wasteserv regularly updates all social media pages to ensure relevant information is provided for citizens, further to assist in any queries one may have. 




Still need more information?  kindly view the FAQ's


Looking at the bigger picture….

This project is the first part of a larger plan to see all of the Maltese Islands collaborate together and assist in a new separating system that is to include organic waste. This will in turn support in creating resources from waste.  As a participating household you will be able to see the amount of waste that is generated daily, that of organic, perhaps one may realise they need to plan better for some useful Tips to Reduce Waste!


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