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Organic Waste Collection…the start of a new chapter in Malta’s waste collection




What is happening?

As from Wednesday 31st October 2018, household organic waste will be collected separately all over Malta and Gozo. This is yet another milestone in improving Malta’s waste management and will pave the way for significant changes in the way household waste is separated and collected. This initiative was built on the success of a pilot project launched in 2015, when nine localities in Malta and the entire region of Gozo were invited to participate in separating organic waste.


Why is organic waste being collected separately?

Organic waste collection is in line with the circular economy provisions, currently being finalized to be introduced within the environment legislative framework. The main aims of such are related to promoting the generation of economic value from waste resources and mitigating the effects of pollution from waste, as well as making the recycling of domestic household waste compulsory. Malta has to meet a target of recycling 50% of waste produced by 2020. This includes recyclable materials and organic waste.


Why should we separate organic waste?

Besides the need to adhere to EU environmental objectives, separately collected organic waste will enable less waste to be sent to our landfill and its processing will yield clean energy which will be used to make our energy mix even greener. When organic waste ends up in landfills, besides taking up precious physical space, it decomposes anaerobically – without oxygen – and releases methane into the environment. Methane is a powerful and central contributor to global climate change.

Furthermore, when organics are landfilled their valuable components can’t be recovered, recycled or reused. We also lose critical nutrients that could be returned to the soil restoring soil health and the vitality of the soil food web leading to a missed opportunity to efficiently capture the energy potential stored in this renewable energy source.


Will separating organic waste be obligatory?

The Government’s intention is to eventually include waste separation as a legal obligation as part of the Circular Economy Package. A carefree attitude is no longer sustainable when landfill space is at such a premium and when millions of Euros are being invested in the waste management sector.  It is in our collective interest to separate our waste, organic and recyclable materials, at source for its resource value whilst minimising its pollution effects.


What happens to organic waste once collected?

All organic waste collected is sent to Sant’ Antnin Waste Treatment Plant where sorting systems are in place. This waste is turned into liquid form and placed into tanks without oxygen. A bacterial process will then take effect, generating gas. This process takes roughly 30 days to complete. At the end of the process, this product is then dewatered leaving us with material similar to compost. The compost still needs to be cleaned before being used as a soil improver.


You can find the collection schedule here:  



How will Malta benefit?

The environmental benefits from a nationalised separation of organic waste for Malta will be significant. The collected waste is used for the production of energy, delivering clean electricity back to residents. Projections from Wasteserv show that in 2019, 16,000 tons of organic waste is expected to be collected. However, this can potentially go up to 70,000 tons of organic waste with participation from all residents disposing of organic waste in the white bag rather than the black bag.

Processing organic waste will yield several by-products including compost and heat. For example, did you know that some of the heat generated by separated organic waste is used to warm the water in the swimming pool of the Inspire Foundation which is used for therapeutic swimming.     


Where can you dispose of this organic waste?

Free home kits are currently being delivered to all localities with the exception of those localities which were already involved in the pilot project.

The kit includes a ventilated bin and compostable organic bags that are to be used only for the organic waste.


How will the free home kits be delivered to the residents?

Each household is entitled to receive a free home kit. The distribution amongst households is still ongoing. These home kits are being provided to further facilitate the separation of organic waste in households.

If for some reason, one is still without a bin or a notice left by Wasteserv representatives by Wednesday 31st October, one should contact us at Wasteserv as soon as possible. Information about distribution, including dates and locations, are being published on Wasteserv’s Facebook page.

What will happen if I haven’t received the home kit by 31st October?

You can still recycle organic waste!

All you need to do is place the organic waste in any white bag and take it out on the correct collection day.  


What waste can be placed in the white organic collection bags?

The organic waste collections will include; all cooked and raw food including bones, fish and shellfish, bread and pasta, rotten fruit and vegetables, fruit and vegetable peels, tea bags and ground coffee, egg shells, napkins and soiled papers, leaves and flowers.

On the other hand, items such as cigarette stubs, nappies, food packaging, napkins used for sanitary purposes, foil, and branches should not be placed in the white bag.



Will shops start supplying organic bags?

The free provision of organic bags is aimed to cover till the end of this year. A growing number of shops, including supermarkets, are already selling these organic bags.


For the purposes of organic waste collection, any white bag is accepted although it is preferable if the white bags are bio compostable.  

Where can I cebook page: https://www.facebook.com/wasteserv/, or email: info.ws@wasteservmalta.com obtain more information.

For further information, one can call the Freephone number 8007 2200, visit the official Fa





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