WasteServ Malta - Pre-Waste

WasteServ Malta was one of the partners of the project 'Pre-Waste' which aimed to improve the effectiveness of waste prevention policies in EU territories as well as significantly reduce waste generation and its degree of hazardousness. The project was mainly targeted at local and regional authorities, public entities and other stakeholders.

The Pre-Waste project was implemented in partnership with another nine public entities from eight EU countries, namely, Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Sweden and Finland. The Marche Region of Italy was the Lead Partner.

Through this project feasibility studies were carried out for selected best practices on waste prevention. Another key deliverable was the creation of a web tool to allow local actors to monitor, assess and improve their waste prevention policies and to compare the effectiveness of different waste prevention actions.


On a national level each partner was responsible to organise press conferences and a national event to debate waste prevention policies and to disseminate information about the project activities. At European level the project results were communicated via participation in the European Conferences on Waste Prevention, the Pre-Waste project website, dissemination of periodic newsletters and during Joint Interregional training sessions aimed at informing authorities on the good practices identified.

The Pre-Waste project came to an end in 2013. The project was funded by the INTERREG IVC programme, a funding instrument financed by the European Regional Development Fund to help regions of Europe share knowledge and transfer experiences to improve regional policy. The overall budget for this project was of €1.87 million which was sub-divided between the ten project partners according to the responsibilities which each is expected to pursue. WasteServ’s total share of funds is €131,180 with an 85% EU co-financing rate.