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Recyclable Waste



Recycling of waste, a key element of the waste hierarchy, is extremely important on islands such as Malta and Gozo, as it reduces the volume of waste which must be either incinerated or disposed of at a landfill site. Recyclable materials collected can also be sold and exported to bring in revenue.



Disposing of your Recyclable Waste

There are several ways in which recyclable materials can be disposed of responsibly in the Maltese Islands.

Firstly, they can be placed in the grey or green bags for home collection arranged by the local council.

Secondly they can be deposited at one of the many Bring In sites across Malta and Gozo.

Finally, bulky waste items can be deposited at the Civic Amenity sites for proper disposal. Also check with your Local Council for bulky waste collection. 

To decrease waste at landfill even further, those with gardens could benefit from producing their own compost.


What CAN be placed in domestic recycling bags?

  • Paper such as newspapers, magazines, envelopes and wrapping paper
  • Cardboard such as cereal boxes and food boxes
  • Plastic such as empty cosmetic bottles, detergent bottles, yoghurt cups, bottle caps and beverage bottles
  • Metal such as drinks cans, food tins, jar lids and empty spray cans
  • Juice and milk cartons



What CANNOT be placed in domestic recycling bags?                                    

  • Glass, broken mirrors and broken china
  • Tissues, wet wipes and nappies
  • cling film and unclean foil
  • Stickers
  • Bottles which still contain cleaning agents and cosmetics
  • Spray cans which are not empty
  • Lighters and batteries
  • Any bulky metal or bulky plastic items (these should be taken to Civic Amenity sites)            


To download our Recycling Guide leaflet, please visit the Resources section of our website or contact us for assistance.


Last Updated: 02/06/2020