WasteServ Malta - Sant'Antnin Waste Treatment
Sant Antnin Waste Treatment

The Sant’Antnin Waste Treatment plant in Marsaskala is essential for the following reasons:

  • To increase waste separation in our country.
  • To recover recyclable materials for export, which reduces the use of the landfill site.
  • To produce compost/stabilised digestate
  • To produce electricity from waste.
  • To provide green jobs in Malta.


The Sant’Antnin Waste Treatment Plant materialised with the help of the European Union. The total investment costs amounted to €27 million. From this, amount €16.7 million; where eligible for funding from the EU Cohesion Fund (2004-2006) at a co-financing rate of 70% EU and 30% local Funds.

The plant consists of two main areas; the Mechanical Treatment Plant, where organic waste is separated to be made into compost (see more details by clicking on the tab above) and the Materials Recovery Facility where the recyclable items are separated to be sold abroad for recycling. The materials include paper, cardboard, different types of plastics, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and glass which are collected via the home collection schemes, Bring in Sites and Civic Amenity sites. For further information about the facilities you may browse through the tabs above.


Studies which include both environmental and technical, were made to be sure that the plant is of a high level standard, which studies were mandatory as well by the European Union. MEPA granted the
permit in 2006 but it was in February 2008 that part of the plant (the Materials Recovery Facility) began to function. This second phase (Mechanical Biological Treatment Plant) began commissioning in 2010.

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