WasteServ Malta - Sant'Antnin Waste Treatment - MRF
Sant Antnin Waste Treatment - Material Recovery

Inaugurated in 2008, the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) was the first stage of Sant’Antnin Waste Treatment Plant. Its purpose is to contribute to the manual and mechanical sorting of the dry recyclables collected from the bring-in sites and the grey bag. The introduction of the bring-in sites dates back to 2002 but the collection of dry recyclables increased drastically with the introduction of the grey bag in 2008 which was intended to complement and enhance the existing system.


Hand sorting at the Materials Recovery Facility

At the MRF, a system of conveyor belts helps workers to manually sort the different types of plastics and the different kinds of paper. The ferrous metals are picked up by a magnet whilst the non-ferrous are separated using Eddy currents. Before the inauguration of this facility, recyclable material collected from the bring-in sites had to be sorted from the ground and in the open at the mercy of the prevailing weather conditions.

The sorted material is then baled, sold to the highest bidder on a monthly basis and exported overseas for recycling. Every 2 years, WasteServ Malta Ltd. exports more than 700 containers (40ft containers) of recyclable waste.  


Bales of Cardboard



The Baling Machine